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Mission Statement

“Doing it right the first time” isn’t just about installing a roof. It includes the hard work that starts with the first time you call for help. It’s taking the time to talk to you about the roof and your expectations. From that moment, we perform a thorough inspection of the roof for free and provide an inspection report of our findings that includes photos. We are the leading commercial roofing contractors in New Jersey because of our dedication to finishing every single job perfectly. Our report will also include a scope of work on the correct solution to the problems the roof is having and competitive price.

If a repair can provide a long-term solution, then our scope of work will clearly spell out what we’re doing and what your expectation should be. That can’t be said of all other roofers. Many times they’ll provide you with a scope of work that is convenient to them. Rather than taking the time to investigate the source of the problem, they’ll just say you need a new roof. Even when a new roof is warranted, they’ll choose the type of roof system based on what their men are capable of installing rather than what’s the best roof system for you and your building. That’s the difference between a sale and a solution.

As a New Jersey roofing contractor, our experience tells us that all the advertising in the world can’t compare to a satisfied customer. Provide him with a good experience and a roof done right the first time and he’ll recommend you to his colleagues and if he has more work, call again. That’s our philosophy that we take very seriously. Because MJT Roofing is family owned and operated, don’t be surprised to see our owner on your roof making sure that the work promised is the work delivered.

However, it not just about our management team, our men are employed by MJT Roofing and not mysterious workers with license plates from all over the United States or day laborers that don’t know the first thing about roofing. Whether it is service or a new installation, we’ll be there every step of the way from your first phone call to delivering the warranty and beyond. We are committed to doing it right the first time.

Roofing Services

Who We Are

MJT ROOFING is a family owned and operated business providing commercial roofing services in Northern NJ. With almost 25 years of experience, we can provide long term solutions for your buildings at very competitive prices.

Northern New Jersey Commercial Roofing Contractors

MJT is fully insured, licensed and bonded. We employ the best, factory trained service personnel who take great pride in their work.  Excellent customer service is on top of our priorities. If you’re searching for a commercial roofing contractor in New Jersey, we’ve got you covered.

Mariusz Truchel

Mario Truchel, Supervisor

Mariusz “Mario” Truchel, owner of MJT & Company Inc. was raised and trained as a roofing apprentice in his native country – Poland. He moved to the United States 15 years ago and decided to use his expertise installing commercial and industrial roofs to start MJT and live the “American Dream”. From the beginning, MJT has been able to provide long-term solutions at very competitive prices.

As Mario always says, “the roads in America may be paved with gold but you have to work hard and bend to pick it up!” Anybody who knows him will be ready to attest that, above all, Mario is a hard-working man. Unlike many owners that rarely get involved with the actual work, Mario is a hands-on owner that believes in old world work ethics. Since MJT are also his initials, he takes a personal approach and doesn’t be surprised if you see him on the roof with our men!

Jolanta Storczynska, Office Manager

Jola is our new Administrator for MJT Roofing. Her duties include accounts payable and receivable, permits, service invoices, and everything short of actually installing or repairing roofs.

With over ten years of administration experience, Jola brings a clear understanding of working directly with customers and how we expect our customers to be treated. From the first call or inquiry, her approach is to provide the answers you will want as soon as possible. Nothing is worse then waiting days to hear back when you asked a question!

What we love more than her skills is the enthusiasm she brings every day she’s in the office. It’s apparent in her work and honestly, it’s infectious!

Howard Semon, General Manager

With over thirty years experience in the roofing market, Howard brings a unique perspective having worked as a technical specialist for major roofing manufacturers.  Over the last 20 years, he has used his experience to work with owners and project mangers to provide them with long-term solutions to their roof’s requirements.

Since 2015, Howard has worked as MJT’s General Manager and is an invaluable addition to a young and rapidly growing company. His duties include roof inspections, specifying, sales and marketing as well as various administrative duties.

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