Water damage is a costly, serious business. Simple little problems can and will escalate to bigger problems damaging your building and the safety of the people inside. So why is even the smallest roof leak so critical to the health of your building? Here are some of the obvious ways a roof leak can damage your building:

  • Compromised structural integrity. Prolonged exposure to moisture will damage any decking material over time. Steel will rust; wood rot and even concrete will be affected. The cost of deck replacement sometimes can be more expensive than the roof itself!

  • Interior mold and mildew issues. One of the most serious consequences of a leaking roof is mold. It can spread throughout your building, the HVAC system and through vents where it can invade the interior of the building and even clothing. It can lead to serious health issues including nasal congestion, rhinitis, inflammation and breathing difficulties.

  • Fire hazard from water damage. A leaky roof could pose a fire threat from shorted wires, not to mention damaging the electrical system as well.

  • Slip and fall hazards. Where there is a leak, there is a wet floor and where there is a wet floor, there is the possibility of a slip and fall.

  • Work environment. Plainly stated, no one likes to work in an environment where the roof constantly leaks.

  • Damage in the interior of the building. Damaged finished inventory and machinery, work stoppages and office damage, including computers, copying machines, rugs and sheetrock.

  • Higher utility bills. Water infiltration will damage the roof ’s insulation whether part of the roof system or the batten insulation below the deck. If the insulation becomes saturated, the r-value of the insulation will drop to zero.

While the leak may be a nuisance and can be delayed till you get around to it, the fact is, left alone will only cause bigger problems later.

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