From time to time, we run into situation that makes us scratch our heads. Lately, solar installation on old roofs has taken over the top spot.

Solar installation typically last for twenty plus years. So doesn’t it make sense that the roof it sits on should last that long as well? Some of the responses we’ve heard form owners have been, “The roof was in good condition and not leaking” or this one “The solar guy said he has a roofer who will add another ply of modified bituminous membrane and we’ll be good to go!”

Our response is that your roof may not be leaking now but now has to mean 20+ more years. As far as “he has a guy…” the primary responsibility of the solar company is to sell solar and his roofing buddy will be used to install the bare minimum even if it’s wrong.

Recently, we inspected a roof for a client who just purchased the building with a solar array on it. During our inspection, the roof felt spongy underfoot which most of the time means the roof substrate is wet. Core samples were taken and as expected, the roof was saturated and leaking.  What was most upsetting for the new owner was that the solar panels sat on a new modified bituminous roof that was installed on a roof that was already saturated.

Because the deck was already showing signs of rust, the insulation substrate was now becoming a mold issue and the leaks, the roof had to be removed and a new roof installed. That was bad enough but to make matter worse, the solar array had to be dismantled, stored and reinstalled by a solar company. If you have ever experienced that, you know it sometimes can cost as much as the roof!

What we recommend is before you sign a contract for a solar system to be installed on your roof, call MJT Roofing. We’ll inspect your roof and provide a clear non-biased assessment of your roof and its longevity. If you need a new roof to avoid future problems, we’ll provide a proposal. Even if you have a new roof already, we can provide you with the help of working with the manufacturers to ensure your warranty is not voided.

Just one call can make the difference.

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