You’ve probably heard all the horror stories about contractors that balloon quotes, projects slow to complete, down payment requirements or projects that disappear altogether. Before you hire a New Jersey commercial roofing company, you need to explore your options to get the best price and best service. Your commercial roof shouldn’t be installed or serviced by just anybody. It is the most important feature of your building and needs to be cared for.

You may be tempted to complete your roof installation or repairs on your own or hire the first roofer you come across. Most people do not realize how big of a task replacing a roof can be. It is difficult work and often very dangerous. You may indeed decide that the risk is worth the reward but there are 5 reasons why you should hire a reputable roofer instead.


One of the most important things you can look for in a reputable roofer is experience. Experience matters because the more experienced the more likely a company is to understand and adhere to safety standards. Not only do you want to hire a company that is skilled in installing your roof and any repair services, but you also want to hire a company that’s going to take safety seriously-both their employees’ and your own. Roof repair and replacement can be dangerous work and it’s important to place your trust in people who know what they’re doing. You should also make sure that whoever you hire is licensed, bonded, and insured.


Climbing and repairing rooks is a very risky act. Reputable commercial roofing contractors continue to train and enforce safety requirements, not only in-house requirements but also those of OSHA and the insurance companies.

Doing something for a long time doesn’t translate very well to doing it safely. Time is money unless someone gets hurt.

Quality Material

The benefit of hiring reputable roofer is the fact that they provide quality materials. Roofing specialists know the materials that are of premium quality and those that suit your specific roof. In addition, they have access to quality materials at wholesale costs.

Lower Cost

Just because it’s the lowest price doesn’t mean it’s the best. A ridiculously low price is often a red flag of other issues.  Very often the low bidding companies use low quality materials or sloppy installation techniques to keep costs low. Always ask the company how they arrived at the estimate before signing anything. Typically, more middle-of-the-road pricing is generally the safer bet.

Reputable roofer will help you to save money in two ways. Obtaining materials at the best possible price and reducing the need for future repairs. Reducing repair costs comes as a benefit of having the job done RIGHT the first time.


Another good reason to hire a reputable and trusted roofer is that you’ll be able to benefit from a workmanship and manufacturer warranty. A manufacturer warranty covers any defects in roofing products while a workmanship warranty ensures protection against mistakes in repairs or installations. Shady roofing contractors usually offer warranties but fail to stand by their work. Before you hire one, ask for references that you can contact yourself. This will allow you to get feedback on a roofing contractor’s work.

Take the stress out of choosing a roofing company by selecting the experts at MJT Roofing. When looking into hiring a roofing contractor, always ensure they have valid insurance and a history of quality work. If you are in need of a reputable New Jersey commercial roofing contractor, get in touch with us. We’ll take care of you!

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