If you’re the owner of a commercial building or a residential home, this situation may sound familiar. You’ve just had a new roof installed and the roofing contractor recommends a maintenance plan. Is this really necessary? A good analogy would be a new car. You pull out of the showroom with a bumper-to-bumper guarantee for 100,000 miles. All you have to do is put gas in it and wash it from time to time. Right? You know the answer to that without thinking.

Should something go wrong, the first thing you’re going to be asked is, “do you have a record of the recommended maintenance on this vehicle?”. The same thing applies to a newly installed roof, even if it’s under warranty. Many people neglect to have a roofing maintenance plan in-place until something goes wrong and then it’s too late.

Maintenance for New Roofs is Extremely Important

The same scenario holds true with your roof. Every manufacturer strongly recommends that maintenance be performed at least once a year and some are now requiring it. Why is that? After all, they don’t make money on the inspections. In a word, the inspections are “preventative”. Simple little issues can and will manifest to bigger, more expensive problems that will affect you too. None of the warranties you hold cover consequential damages to the interior of your building. Stained tiles, damaged equipment and finished inventory, employee morale and the dreaded “mold” problems!

To provide an incentive, GAF, Versico, and Firestone are offering to extend their warranties upwards to 25% free of charge if one inspection is done every year of the length of the warranty.

Whether we installed your roof or not, MJT Roofing is an approved maintenance and service contractor for most of the manufacturers and we have many years of experience. Our specialists can provide you with information and photos of your roof. No hassles, no second-guessing just the information you’ll need to keep your roof worry-free.

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