Fall is a transitional time of year, bridging the harsh summer heat, heavy rains, and damaging UV sunlight and the winter with extreme fluctuations in temperature and accumulated snow and ice just sitting on your roof. During this time, having a fall roof inspection completed is highly recommended. Winter is around the corner, and you should make sure that the roof on your building is prepared to withstand the New Jersey winter conditions.

Even though you may have not experienced leaking over the summer, there is a very good chance that the roof was damaged and water is seeping into the roof. With the extreme temperature swings during winter, this trapped moisture will expand and condense, eventually causing roofs to split. When ice forms, it can crush a steel ship and as good as your roof may seem, it is no match against ice.

At a minimum, housekeeping should be done once a year. Even on new roofs that are under warranty, every manufacturer strongly suggests doing regular housekeeping. Clogged drains from debris and falling leaves can impede drainage on the roof. Imagine the weight load over the winter when snow and ice accumulate on the roof surface without positive drainage. For every gallon of water on the roof, you’ve added 8.33 pound of weight.

Most people don’t think about the condition of the roof unless it’s already leaking. Let MJT ROOFING inspect your roof for free and provide you an expert inspection report with photos. If there is anything that needs repair we’ll document the problems and provide a cost for repair. Isn’t it better to “fix it now” rather than wait for the problem to become a major issue during winter, especially when the roof is covered in snow and ice?

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