Anna has taken care of MJT’s office since the day the company was born.  She is in charge of accounts payable and receivable, registering warranties, contacting clients, suppliers, manufacturers and performs all kinds of administrative duties.

Throughout the years working closely with roofers and manufacturers, she has learnt a lot about commercial roofing  and has grown to absolutely love it.

Anna’s top priority is excellent customer service. She is known for replying to emails within minutes and resolving issues the very same day they arise. So, you can rest assured that having MJT as your roofer, you will not wait for weeks for a call back!

With over thirty years experience in the roofing market, Howard brings a unique perspective having worked as a technical specialist for major roofing manufacturers.  Over the last 20 years, he has used his experience to work with owners and project mangers to provide them with long-term solutions to their roof’s requirements.

Since 2015, Howard has worked as MJT’s General Manager and is an invaluable addition to a young and rapidly growing company. His duties include roof inspections, specifying, sales and marketing as well as various administrative duties.

Mariusz “Mario” Truchel, owner of MJT & Company Inc. was raised and trained as a roofing apprentice in his native country – Poland. He moved to the United States 15 years ago and decided to use his expertise installing commercial and industrial roofs to start MJT and live the “American Dream”. From the beginning, MJT has been able to provide long-term solutions at very competitive prices.
As Mario always says, “the roads in America may be paved with gold but you have to work hard and bend to pick it up!” Anybody who knows him will be ready to attest that, above all, Mario is a hard working man. Unlike many owners that rarely get involved with the actual work, Mario is a hands-on owner that believes in old world work ethics. Since MJT are also his initials, he takes a personal approach and don’t be surprised if you see him on the roof with our men!

Once again our men have been recognized by the largest roofing manufacturer in the world for their immpecable workmanship! We are proud and even more motivated to deliver excellent service. Thank you GAF!


July 27, 2016


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