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5 million umbrella coverage

“Doing it right the first time” isn’t just about installing a roof.  It includes the hard work that starts with the first time you call for help.  It’s taking the time to talk to you about the roof and your expectations. From that moment, we perform a thorough inspection of the roof for free and provide an inspection report of our findings that includes photos.

Our report will also include a scope of work with the correct solution to the problems the roof is having and a competitive price.  If a repair can provide a long-term solution, then our scope of work will clearly spell out what we’re doing and what your expectation should be.  That can’t be said of other roofers. Many times they’ll provide you with a scope of work that is convenient to them. Rather than taking the time to investigate the source of the problem, they’ll just say you need a new roof. Even when a new roof is warranted, they’ll choose the type of roof system based on what’s easier to install or what their men are capable of installing rather than what’s the best roof system for you and your building. That’s the difference between a sale and a solution.

Whether it is service or a new installation, we’ll be there every step of the way from your first phone call to delivering the warranty and beyond.  Doing it right the first time.